Mira's Story: A Testament to Accessibility

habitat dedication 2022

The dream of residing in a home that caters to the unique needs of every family member is a sentiment cherished by many. In a heartfelt conversation with Mira, we explore the profound impact of accessible housing on her family, with a special focus on Mira's son, who confronts mobility challenges.

Mira, hailing from Bulgaria, made Hatfield her home in 2011. With a commendable tenure of over 10 years working in Montgomery County, she holds an established senior accountant position, a role she's gracefully embraced since 2019. This job, conveniently situated just 10 minutes from their new residence, plays a pivotal role in Mira's life. It not only signifies professional achievement but, more importantly, provides the flexibility necessary to tend to her son's needs and manage work during unconventional hours. She expresses heartfelt gratitude for the supportive leadership that empowers her to maintain this delicate balance effectively.

However, the journey to finding a suitable home was fraught with challenges, primarily due to the dearth of accessibility in available rental properties. This challenge became even more pressing with the introduction of Mira's son, who grapples with mobility issues. The constraints of apartment living proved impractical, lacking the safety and stability intrinsic to a true home.

In  2021, Mira's lifeline came in the form of a housing opportunity through Habitat for Humanity. The organization, dedicated to constructing homes for families in need, offered a beacon of hope. Despite navigating hurdles like construction delays prompted by the pandemic, Mira's resilience paid off, culminating in the long-awaited home in January 2022.

Their new home, nestled in Hatfield, emerged as a haven of transformation for the family. Crafted with wider doors, an accessible kitchen, and spacious bathrooms, it went beyond mere comfort, ushering in newfound independence for Mira's son. These considerate accommodations empower him to navigate the household effortlessly, undertake daily tasks independently, and even catch the bus to school unassisted.

Mira reflects on the impact of having a place to call home, drawing a poignant contrast with the transient nature of apartment living. The house not only provides safety but also fosters a profound sense of belonging and stability for the entire family.

Mira's story underscores the paramount need for organizations like Habitat for Humanity, illustrating how they extend beyond the provision of shelter to tailor homes that cater to the unique needs of each family member. Mira's journey stands as a poignant testament to the transformative power of a truly accessible home, offering not just hope but tangible opportunities for a brighter future for her son and the entire family.