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To afford a 2-bedroom apartment in Montgomery County without becoming completely rent burdened, an individual would need to work 52 hours per week, earning a minimum hourly wage of $18.75, assuming a fair market rate rental at $1,266 per month. Alternatively, a 40-hour workweek would require an hourly wage of $24 to meet the affordability threshold. However, in Montgomery County, the current average rate for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,855, exceeding the fair market rate. In 2023, the median priced home in Montgomery County cost $425,000 for those looking a buy a home. This is out of reach for many potential homebuyers; developers can and do build homes at a variety of price points to bring additional opportunities to low- and moderate-income households.  

As housing developers you can use these strategies to amplify the Homes For All message and combat misinformation and discriminatory opinions. 

  • Offer to hold community meetings to illuminate what a proposed development will bring to the community 
  • Respond to misinformation with the facts and point neighbors to the source of truth. 
  • Find supporters committed to tackling housing affordability in Montgomery County and effectively challenge opposing voices 
  • Work with supporters and local government to share positive stories about the impact that your housing developments are having

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Foster awareness about the benefits of housing affordability within the community, dispelling myths, and building support for inclusive housing initiatives. Connection statements serve as an essential communication tool to remain focused on key messages and establish trust through evidence-based information.

Combat Misinformation:

Housing developers face an uphill battle to convince nearby homeowners that new, affordable homes will not lower nearby property values. A home is frequently someone's largest investment! New affordable construction has been shown to have positive impacts on home prices in nearby neighborhoods. It also does not necessarily have an impact on nearby crime, as naysayers might suspect. 

While new affordable homes provide new opportunities and new faces in a neighborhood, these homes help lift people out of challenging circumstances, improve health, and provide social and educational opportunities for people of all ages.